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Webinar: Redefining Demand Generation: The Power of Scalable ABM

Webinar: Redefining Demand Generation: The Power of Scalable ABM 1

Following our highly successful panel discussion on Reverse Funnel Analytics, we’re thrilled to bring you the next chapter in our journey to master lead generation and conversion. 

Join our groundbreaking webinar on “Redefining Demand Generation: The Power of Scalable ABM.”

Discover how scalable Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies can supercharge your demand generation, leading to exceptional marketing ROI.

Date: November 30th, 2023

Time: 14:30 CET, 8:30 ET

Online Event


  • Introduction to Demand Generation and ABM
  • Success stories and strategies from Industry Leaders
  • Expert panel discussion
  • Q&A Session

This is your chance to discover the ABM secrets that can take your demand generation to the next level, delivering unbeatable marketing ROI. Join us for more insights, collaboration, and innovation. Join us for another round of insights, collaboration, and innovation.

Meet our expert speakers:

 Didier Zegers – Marketing Director, Global Demand Generation & Nurturing Leader, Philips

 Scott MacDonald – Director of Marketing Performance, iRhythm Technologies

 Jaime Jimenez – Digital Transformation Director, Salesforce

 Anna Thomas – Managing Partner & Chief Analytics Officer, Amplify Analytix