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Our expertise includes data science, data analytics, data engineering, and data visualization. Our goal is to understand your business challenges and empower you to make the most of your data. We answer the right business questions and test critical hypothesis, and we believe that data determines and will continue to define our present and our future. We're analysts at heart and experts by soul in identifying areas where data science may help your business grow, improve and innovate.

We support your progress further along your data journey by using our knowledge and bespoke innovative solutions. We take you on a joint data discovery trip, never delivering a black-box solution. We guide you how to improve your know-how and your internal organisation of work processes. In the end, we will help you increase your sales, improve your customer experience, and reduce the cost to serve.

If you have an ambitious vision for your data journey and need help getting started, breaking it down into manageable parts, or speeding up a journey you’ve already started – Amplify Analytix team will be there for you! We are your trusted and go-to partner!

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How we do it

Dive in our process

We tailor each project to our client’s specific needs and infrastructures, guaranteeing that our solutions are simple to implement and utilize.

We focus on solving your business challenges rather than only the data problem. We look beyond project execution and consider the entire business infrastructure.

We provide additional analytical support when we detect opportunities for improvement. We deliver measurable value and provide actionable insights.

Our dedicated, highly skilled, and collaborative team of professionals works together towards a common goal of defining and driving your success.


We carefully take our customers on a data journey facilitating their full involvement at every project stage enabling us to be on the same page throughout the whole process.

We work as one team always thinking, sharing, validating, innovating, solving with the success of the business goals in mind.

Our capabilities start with our business expertise and understanding of the business problems our clients are facing.

Auditing their current infrastructure, we make sure we have the sufficient Data Base (DB) foundations to work in and with. We then continue our work with data extraction and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), where we assess the data quality and set hypotheses.

This smoothly transitions to data analysis and project execution, where we build models and solutions tailored specifically to our client’s needs and requirements.

We are well adapting to setting-up cloud infrastructure for our customers to do all this. We then deploy the solutions in our clients’ systems and continuously help them maintain the quality of data processing and insights, and the consumption of the latter.

Forms of collaboration

Collaborating for Success

Amplify can work both on one-off projects and as the “analytical extension” of our clients’ teams. Maximum integration with client teams decreases delivery cycles and guarantees impactful models.

One-off analytical engagements which have a clearly defined scope, timeline and objectives. A good way to test the basis of a potential longer-term partnership – ways of working, delivery cycles, communication, impact of deliverables, etc. Best used when the scope is very clear and limited in reach. Possible limitations come from missed opportunities to expand value of data in tackling business questions.

Continuous work on a backlog of analytical items prioritized by the business on needs basis. Access to other skillsets as needed from the data science hub. Data analytics provides continuous stream of insights for campaigns, sales funnel, CPQ, go-to-market etc. Stable team building its business knowledge of the client’s business to unlock the full value of the range of data sources. Team can be dialled up or down in 30 days, ensuring you have the resources to meet your needs and budget.

Full-time team integration in terms of additional resource and / or specialist knowledge. Functioning as part of your organization, the team will receive direct instructions from you, learning the business, while providing a fresh viewpoint on existing business problems and addressing outstanding tasks. Removes the need to have expensive specialist skills, such as advanced modelers, in house, which may not be fully utilized.


How we deliver excellence

We use state-of-the-art Data Science techniques, to develop intelligent solutions, answer the most pressing questions of our clients and automate high-level decision-making, through the power of technology. 

Sometimes, our clients lack a structured data layer that can guide their commercial decisions. We advise and execute data engineering initiatives to ingest, catalogue, transform and enrich data to build better models at a larger scale. 

We help companies break down business problems, translate them into data problems and help them with actionable insights informed by statistical analyses. Our data-driven problem-solving approaches are customised to every business/company we work with, thereby maximising the impact of our recommendations. 

We help companies with ongoing performance reporting at a standard, agreed frequency, and ‘live’ based on their requirements. We combine internal and external sources per need and use R & Python as well as dashboarding tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, for serving reporting & automation needs of our clients. 


Empowering our capabilities with cutting-edge software


Often, we develop our analytical and technical solutions directly in either our cloud platforms or on our clients’ infrastructure (cloud platforms , through VPNs, company laptops or developers’ servers) and in their available technologies.


Being completely technology agnostic, we deliver the final solution keeping the comfort of our clients in mind. It ranges from hosting the solution on cloud , automated execution of scripts & pushing the results to a dashboarding tool to name a few.


Certificates & Licenses 

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified, meaning that we follow the strictest of IT security procedures and best-practices. Often, we develop our analytical and technical solutions directly in our clients’ infrastructure (through VPNs, company laptops or developers’ servers) and in their available technologies. For clients with less mature infrastructure, we also develop models and analyze data in our environment which is entirely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Why choose us

Our goal is to make every commercial decision better through data

We have long-standing experience as business leaders of multinational organisations, globally distributed teams, and company owners. This perspective and experience, combined with deep data science expertise, ensure you get actionable insights usable in real life to improve your business performance and achieve useful outcomes.