Data science for business consulting

We are a ‘data science for business’ company that exists to help business teams get the most from their data, then use it to help solve business problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Our experience covers a variety of industries and business challenges as we apply a proven data-first approach to all of our projects, concentrating on the existing company data and adjusting our problem-solving process accordingly.

We are committed to delivering exceptional performance and scalability, and we ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability. With our support, you can trust that we will be there every step of the way, providing you with the assistance you need to succeed.

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Transform your data into actionable insights

We deploy agile ways of working with short feedback loops. This ensures quick deployment, great ROI, and business relevance.

Advantages of Agile Data Science and Data Engineering​:

Actionable Insights

Our solutions

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Opportunity Scoring

Increase deals’ win rates and improve sales team efficiency.

Lead Scoring

Prioritise leads with the highest margins, effectively allocate marketing efforts and improve conversion rates.

Generative AI

Unlock unparalleled customer satisfaction and retention with our Gen AI Chatbot solution.

Retention Analytics

Cost-effectively reduce churn rates, boost customer engagement and safeguard loyalty.

Customer Segmentation

Personalise your communication strategy to enhance customer experiences and maximise revenue.

NLP Analytics

Unlock valuable insights from unstructured textual data and uncover gaps in your business operations.

Pricing Analytics

Mitigate margin leakage, enhance competitiveness, and speed-up your sales process.

Team Augmentation

Enhance your team's efforts with our expertise to tackle business problems with confidence and ease.


Optimize your resources and operations to increase profitability and reduce the cost to serve.

Digital Campaigns Analytics

Improve the quality of your campaigns, boost conversion rates and increase marketing ROI.

Equipment performance analytics

Optimize equipment uptime, reduce downtime costs, and streamline maintenance operations.

Next Best Product Recommendation

Boost sales and increase customer satisfaction with personalised recommendations.

Procurement Analytics

Uncover supplier insights, identify opportunities for cost optimization, and attain operational efficiency.

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Why choose us

Our goal is to make every commercial decision better through data

We have long-standing experience as business leaders of multinational organisations, globally distributed teams, and company owners. This perspective and experience, combined with deep data science expertise, ensure you get actionable insights usable in real life to improve your business performance and achieve useful outcomes.