About us

Our goal is to make every commercial decision better through data

We have long standing experience as business leaders of multinational organisations, global distributed teams, and company owners. ​​We have been on your side and know how to see the real challenges from inside.

​This perspective and experience, combined with deep data science expertise, ensures you get actionable insights usable in real life to improve your business performance and achieve useful outcomes.

We have gone from a small start-up established in 2017, with a big ambition to make the benefits of data science accessible to all kinds of teams, to a strong business.

We were also finalists in REACH Incubator 2023 and the European Data Incubator competition in 2021.

Years Old

Dutch company with offices in Sofia (Bulgaria), Bangalore (India) and sales hubs in London (UK) and Dallas (USA).

Team members
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Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts.

Global Names
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Serves over 20+ global names across the worlds.

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Mission & Vision

Decision intelligence for everyone

Partnering to make every commercial decision better with data. We make it easier for you to benefit from data, regardless of where you are on your data journey. We will earn our place at the table to become your first-choice partner. We collaborate to improve your competitive performance: increase sales, exceed customers’ experience and reduce the cost to serve.
We envision a world where clients look to us as the first-choice, problem-solving partner, that delivers meaningful impact through data. We strive to do this as a trusted advisor, in a culture of absolute respect and collaboration.​

Our values

Let your data guide you to success

About 1

We take pride

in delivering world-class analytics with data science done properly.

About 2

We are helpful

considerate and have been in your shoes.

About 3

We support

each other as one team, together with our clients and employees.

About 4

We collaborate

to amplify your business.

What makes us different?

Together we can unlock the true potential of your data

We combine the ‘hard skills’ of data science and engineering, with ‘soft skills’ such as stakeholder understanding and change management. We make sure that our solutions are easily usable by the teams destined to benefit from them. As one of our clients recently said, “you are a true bridge between two quite different worlds.”

Our clients emphasize the value of our knowledgeable, hands-on approach. We have been in the clients’ shoes as professionals and understand their struggle first-hand. Often, they see us as part of their own team. Every organization is different, so are their data, infrastructure, and ways of working – there is no place for one-size-fits-all solution.

They call us a “challenger supporter” as we spot gaps and improvement areas and then support them to make improvements across the whole ecosystem. We know the practical challenges of dealing with inefficient data structures, lack of proper data collection, non-actionable insights, and so on. 

Our agile data science approach ensures quick deployment, solid project ROIs and business relevance. It allows for faster project execution due to active customer collaboration with effective feedback loops and continuous non-linear work streams between Analytics, Technology and Business.

Where we are?

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Bangalore, India

London, United Kingdom

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Texas, USA