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Life at Amplify Analytix

At Amplify Analytix, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We are proud to have a diverse team with a range of backgrounds and experiences, all working together to improve our clients' business performance. Our team members are unique and talented individuals, each dedicated to developing their professional skills and driving the company forward.

We work collaboratively and support each other through the challenges we face. Located at co-working unicorn factories, we are part of a great tech ecosystem, where we have the opportunity to collaborate with other companies and meet inspiring people every day. We believe that a supportive and enjoyable work environment is crucial to fostering creativity and innovation, and we strive to create a workplace culture that enables our team to thrive both professionally and personally.

Why work at Amplify Analytix?

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Amplifiers: “Different but in it together” is the short description of the team at Amplify Analytix. We are diverse and talented people who are always ready to help and share their knowledge in a safe and ego-less enviroment.

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Participate in solving global business cases through innovative and sector-specific solutions. Each project is different and has added value both for your personal growth and for improving processes in the global business environment.

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Individual contribution is our driving force. We cover the costs of courses and training that are interesting and applicable to you, as well as provide the opportunity for each of us to participate in seminars, conferences and other events, in pursuit of professional growth and improvement.

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Amplfy Analytix's culture is what we are most proud of. It is important to us that the working atmosphere is encouraging and enriching. The opinion of each of us is important for the development of the company. And when it comes to team building activities, we get really creative! From mountain climbing to wine tasting to treasure hunting. We love fresh ideas and are not afraid of challenges!

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Data Engineer

An extraordinary developer and who loves to push the boundaries to solve complex business problems using creative solutions.


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We care (CSR) 

Life at Amplify Analytix

At Amplify Analytix, we believe that being a responsible company means taking an active role in creating positive change in society. We strive to integrate social, environmental, and ethical considerations into our business practices and operations, as we believe that this approach leads to long-term business success while contributing to a better world.

Our CSR initiatives focus on four key areas: environmental sustainability, community engagement, employee well-being, and ethical governance. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices, such as reducing our paper use and minimizing waste. We also believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, through charitable giving and employee volunteer programs.


We are also committed to the well-being of our employees by offering flexible work policies, training and development opportunities, and comprehensive benefits packages. We understand that ethical governance is crucial to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our business activities.

At Amplify Analytix, we believe that our success is not only measured by financial performance but also by the positive impact we have on society. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizens and contributing to a sustainable future for all.

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