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Optimise your team's efficiency with Gen AI

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How can machine learning help improve sales and marketing performance?

What we do?

We provide data-driven
business insights

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Data science

We use state-of-the-art Data Science techniques to develop intelligent solutions, answer most pressing questions of our clients and automate high-level decision making through the power of technology.

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Business & Data analytics

We help companies break down the business problems, translate them into data problems and help them with actionable insights informed by statistical analyses.

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Data engineering

We advise and execute data engineering initiatives to ingest, catalog, transform and enrich data to build better models at a larger scale.

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Data visualisation

We combine internal and external sources per need and use R & Python as well as dashboarding tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, for serving reporting & automation needs of our clients.

How we do it?

We help businesses
to thrive in the online world

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We unlock your business potential

We tailor each project to our client’s specific needs and infrastructures, guaranteeing that our solutions are simple to implement and utilize.

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We are the facilitator between you and your data

We work as one team always thinking, sharing, validating, innovating, solving with the success of the business goals in mind.

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We are your end-to-end analytics partner

Our capabilities start with our business expertise and understanding of the business problems our clients are facing.

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Take a look at our clients

We elevate top-performing companies with cutting-edge data science & analytics

In case you were wondering

What our clients say about us

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Over the past two years, our partnership with Amplify Analytix has been invaluable. They have consistently provided essential analytical services for projects of utmost importance to Versuni. Taking on a true partner role, they have delivered high-quality service promptly, demonstrating a high degree of flexibility and accuracy. Amplify Analytix has proven to be a reliable ally in our pursuit of data-driven success.

- Yasser El Boureidy, Market Dynamics and Performance Director​

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We, at Harrods, wanted to understand how to optimise staff schedules while maintaining customer service levels. Amplify Analytix provided us with valuable directional insights here. Using methodologies in Operations Research, they were able to demonstrate the relationships between the variety of shift-start times and the type of worker contracts with our final staffing requirements, and how that could translate to a better financial outcome. We were also better able to understand how some of the current business process constraints impacted our available staffing options. Participating in this study with Amplify Analytix was a great learning experience, and the insights from it will be critical in shaping our hiring strategy

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We (Voiro) simplify ad sales and ad ops workflows, providing a single view of revenue for Publishers. Amplify Analytix supported us by sharing valuable insights for enhancing ad revenue for Publishers from the programmatic advertising channel. They developed an AI model that recommends, in near real-time, allocation of ad inventory between competing supply-side platforms. The solution they helped develop was integrated into our product. Working with Amplify Analytix in this effort helped increase the monthly programmatic advertising revenue for one of our Publishers by 5%. It also provided us with useful insights on fine-tuning the overall process.

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At Hartl Connect, our expertise shines in seamlessly delivering full truckload shipments across Europe. Our core goal is to increase profitability through precise pricing within our ever-evolving industry. This is where Amplify Analytix came in as our invaluable partner, delving into our industry's intricacies to construct a tailor-made analytical model. This simple to use yet sophisticated tool integrates our internal data, external market dynamics, seasonal shifts, and established business protocols to empower our transport managers to make well-informed decisions efficiently, saving time and resources. Our collaboration with Amplify Analytix resulted in an optimized quotation process with a promise for enhanced profitability.

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Riester is a manufacturing company which has been producing the highest quality medical products for 75 years. As we manufactured new products, the number of SKUs on our system kept increasing…and increasing. This added pressure, and costs, across all divisions of the business and to our partners. Amplify enabled us to realign our portfolio, dispassionately. Amplify were able to help guide us with simple processes which were logical and without sentimentality. We look forward to working on more projects with them.

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Big advantage is that Amplify Analytix is able to handle large amounts of data and make us understand that data and also help us steer our business in the right direction. What I really love is that we got a very good overview of our customer segments and some recommendations on what to do. It is all well thought through, its based-on experience and deep knowledge on data. Would love to work with Amplify in the future because it was clear from the beginning that we have a good collaboration and a common goal we are working toward.

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What we achieved by working with Amplify Analytix is actually multiple things. Firstly, we did analysis of the whole ecosystem of the business drivers, how things are interconnected and what results in sales in the end. This helped us to maximize the use of our budget. What I found very beneficial while working with Amplify is the bespoke process. You start from hypothesis and then together you go on a discovery process. They work with you, and you learn with them, giving answers to the questions you had. You come out a much stronger team and company.

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Awards & Recognition

External validation of our excellence

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EDI Finalist

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MLDS Short-listed Presenter

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REACH Finalist

Why choose us

Our goal is to make every commercial decision better through data

We have long-standing experience as business leaders of multinational organisations, globally distributed teams, and company owners. This perspective and experience, combined with deep data science expertise, ensure you get actionable insights usable in real life to improve your business performance and achieve useful outcomes.