Sustain competitive advantage & customer satisfaction by controlling pricing and monitoring competitor efforts​


Our client was struggling to control products’ pricing across all channels, and thus improve customer satisfaction and maintain a luxury brand image. It was also important for our client to monitor competitors’ pricing and promotional activities in the highly competitive environment.


We helped our client establish optimal pricing and monitor competitors’ actions in real-time through web scraping coupled with an anomaly detection model. The model analyzes deviations and trends to detect price difference and monitor competitors’ daily activities for similar products.​

12& increase in customer satisfaction; 18% increase in sales


We helped our client increase customer satisfaction by 12% in 2 months through better controlling of prices and promotions across all channels. Monitoring relevant competitors’ activities allowed our client to set competitive pricing and increase sales by 18% in 2 months.​


  1. Web scraping the online vendor channels using the provided lists. ​
  2. Weekly collected and analyzed data reports from the web scraping activities.
  3. Early-warning system based on price anomaly detection to inform about the pricing and promotion differences.​​