Increase win rate by identifying must win opportunities​


The client’s overarching business problem was losing market share to competition due to inefficient deal scoring. The sales teams were losing deals they expected to win, causing gaps in the sales pipeline. ​Sales managers were not sure which opportunities to best spend their time on for maximum return.


We conducted opportunity profiling of a deal’s historical data & customer profiling, then scored each opportunity with a win/loss probability. We built a self-learning gradient-boosting predictive model to predict the outcome of open opportunities.


We focused client’s efforts on must-win customers. The client managed to increase conversion rate by 3% in key EMEA markets.​


  1. Machine-learning model that provides a propensity to win score per opportunity, updated bi-weekly in the CRM system. ​
  2. Actions for the sales teams, based on the sales team’s and the model’s prediction.
  3. Model integration into the existing way of working