Access to immediate data insights through a live dashboarding solution​


Our client was facing an increase in sales, which required bigger investments across various advertising platforms. The client struggled to use existing marketing data to optimize their investments, RoAS and product portfolio. ​


We gathered reports from Amazon Advertising and Amazon Retail Analytics Premium with daily granularity to present the client with clean and consistent data. Afterwards, we designed a real-time dashboard for the client to upload any data, which is converted to meaningful insights.​

Effective visualization of the key success metrics for the business


We delivered fully automated dashboard split by business functionality that efficiently visualizes the key success metrics for the business. The dashboard also provides our client visibility on the data quality coming from the platforms, allowing for immediate corrective actions. ​


  1. Derived traffic metrics by using Google, Amazon and Demographics data and scaling the estimation based on seasonal activity levels​.
  2. A set of requirements for defining success metrics and the most appropriate visualizations that will provide extensive valuable insights​.
  3. Graphical user interface (GUI) for uploading the data​.