The Challenge

Answer critical business questions around market visibility, customer profiling and prioritization and Profitability.

• Market Visibility
What is my market potential in a specific country?
How is the buying potential distributed across my customers in this country?

• Customer Profiling and Prioritization
What are my key revenue generating accounts? What are low hanging fruit?
Which are my tier one and tier two accounts? My strategic accounts?
How do my customers benchmark with similar accounts within my district?

• Profitability
How can I make my recommendations more customer centric?
Can I sell the right product to the right customer?

Single company wide sustainable approach for better visibility, better targeting, higher orders and improved profitability to avoid non-scalable local efforts which are not sustainable and eventually more expensive.

Project Single 1

Our Approach and the Result

• Market Visibility
Bird’s eye-view of the entire market. Covers the market potential by account types and the company’s performance.
Ability to drill down by state, region and sales district. Ability to get the most relevant details of each account.
Comparison of the sales pipeline by account micro-segments.

• Customer Profiling and Prioritization
Pareto analysis of the accounts based on buying power, revenue and profitability.
Identifying top customer accounts at multiple levels of granularity.
Ability to drill down to the account level and visualize the profile of the account.
Segmentation of accounts based on current business performance parameters (Like Revenue, profitability, Business penetration etc) and the potential of the accounts.
Ability to drill down from segment tiers by region, state, sales district till the individual account level.
Retain, Acquire, Develop account classification (RAD) to support the account planning and sales force allocation based on potential and share of wallet parameters.

• Profitability
Analytics tool to identify the most profitable accounts and compare the performance in terms of revenue vs profitability vs buying potential etc.
Product recommendation aimed at increasing the company’s penetration with cross business and within a business product segment.