Case Study

Market visibility

The Business Challenge

Our client was struggling to acquire a clear view on size of potential market outside of current base, but suspected there was a major untapped opportunity for business development, if they could look at the market from a different angle.​

The Solution

We helped our client bring visibility to untapped prospects  through enriching the existing customer database with internal and external variables​. Afterwards, we prioritized potential customers for the sales team based on the likelihood of converting to customers. We also predicted most relevant offerings for individual customers.

Market visibility 1


Enriched Lead / Prospect list​

More accurate customer account base​

Accurate true share of customers and untapped potential per customer/lead

Business impact

We helped our client improve conversion rates per market by 1.3-3%, through identifying and prioritizing potential leads. The project allowed our client to significantly increase the amount of leads in the sales funnel and focus on the leads with a higher chance of converting.