Case Study

Live dashboarding to optimize marketing investment

Making data accessible and consumable to support business strategy and advertising goals

Full visibility of the key success metrics

In a fully automated dashbaord

More visiblity on data quality

Allowing for immediate corrective actions

The Business Challenge

Our client (a U.S. electronics manufacturer) had seen a healthy YoY increase in their sales. They needed bigger investments across various advertising platforms to support their expanding business strategy.

However, given the scale of the current operations, they were faced with the challenge of data accessibility and ease of data consumption. The client was not able to gather, analyse and use advertising and sales data to optimize investments, Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), and the product portfolio. They were looking for a solution that enabled access to all levels of the organization at different granularity, organisation of data, intuitive visualization and automation.

Here’s how we helped.

Live dashboarding to optimize marketing investment 1
Live dashboarding to optimize marketing investment 2

The Solution

We gathered various reports from Amazon Advertising and Amazon Retail Analytics Premium, with daily granularity using automation scripts dependent on data availability from the platforms. Then, we derived additional informative traffic metrics which were not directly available through the platforms, by using Google, Amazon and demographics data. We then scaled the estimation based on seasonal activity levels.

The next step was to work with the client to a) define the success metrics, b) understand the levels of granularity relevant to different stakeholders and c) understand the ‘early warning signals’ that stakeholders would be most interested in.

From here, we designed the most appropriate visualizations per section for different levels in the organisation and reviewed with key stakeholders. Then, we were able to design and build an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for the client to consolidate all the gathered data, and any additional files needed to truly customize the platform.

The final dashboard enabled our clients to understand campaign performance, traffic, drivers of traffic and optimal spends per marketing channel.

Live dashboarding to optimize marketing investment 3

Business impact

The final result was a fully automated near real-time dashboard, split by business functionality. This allowed the client to visualize key success metrics for the business, as well as visibility on the data quality coming from the platforms. By having easier access to advertising and sales data, they were more able to make informed decisions with their marketing spend to optimize investments and attain higher RoAS.

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