Case Study

Boosting strategic decision intelligence with market share estimation

How we supported a Global consumer electronics manufacturer to get a holistic view of their shares in different markets, gain insights on their competition and the customer trends to adapt accordingly to forecasted market size changes.



The Business Challenge

In a competitive landscape, not only do businesses need to know how much of the market pie they own but also how can they increase it.​ To improve market share performance, the business should have a way to link reported/ estimated market shares to the different drivers of market share:

  • Awareness – Search volumes, etc.​
  • Availability – Share of Shelf on e-retailer, etc.​
  • Price – Price, Discounting action​
  • Advertisement – Brand ad spend​
  • Product Quality – Ratings and reviews, etc.
Boosting strategic decision intelligence with market share estimation 1
Boosting strategic decision intelligence with market share estimation 2

Technical Solution: Estimation model using a mix of proxy measures (as well as actual sales) to predict market share and identify the source of variance​

The Solution

Using internal and external data, a data-driven market share estimation was created, giving the opportunity for businesses to act upon the indicators creating negative effects.

We calculated historical market share based on company sales by market size. An ML-based model was deployed to find the relationship between company market share and the metrics from web searches, e-tailer websites, and social media. We then used the relationship to estimate competitors’ markets share in different countries of operation.

Root Cause Analysis was then used to uncover ground for pre-emptive actions within the internal teams as a strategic next step in reacting to emerging market share trends. 

The market Share Estimation Model can be the first step towards building a comprehensive competitive intelligence solution, that links across multiple data sets and enables maximum value extraction. 


Business impact

The Market Share Estimation helped the client gain ownership of their data and its quality which in turn unlocked full visibility of the important inputs that affect market share fluctuations. On a product level, they were able to capture trending brands in their portfolio and use those insights to their leverage for deeper market penetration.