Our team

Meet our management team:

  • Laura Murphy


    Laura Murphy

    Laura specialises in commercial transformation, problem solving and using analytics and visual management to help clients take insight-based decisions to improve their business results. Prior to Amplify, Laura lead the Business Transformation team of international markets at Royal Philips, a 120-strong team that developed evidence-based solutions to commercial problems. Laura has held various sales, marketing and strategy leadership positions over the last 15 years at Philips and HP, and has been closely involved with her family’s own businesses. She holds an MA (Hons) from Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and an MBA from Cambridge University, UK.

  • Daniel Strahinov

    Managing Partner

    Daniel Strahinov

    Daniel specialises in the agile execution of analytical projects and ensures that they are delivered on time, up to specs and with maximum impact. Prior to Amplify, Daniel established and headed a team of data analysts at a UK-owned analytics company, developing innovative analytical approaches by harnessing clients’ in-house data. He has successfully delivered projects in consumer goods, telecom, transportation, industrial and automotive industries. He has experience with numerous analytical techniques, among which targeted marketing, churn prevention, customer experience improvement and others. Daniel has also worked as a management consultant in PwC and holds a first-class BSc with honours from Cardiff University, UK.
  • Ayse Elvan Aydemir

    Managing Partner, Chief Data Scientist

    Ayse Elvan Aydemir

    Elvan specialises in developing data science solutions for clients in various industries. She has applied her skills in various industries like e-commerce, robotics, financial institutions and gaming. She has extensive experience in developing data driven solutions for her clients – predictive models, forecasting, segmentation and control systems. She holds a BSc in Actuarial Science, and MSc in Information Systems and is currently a PhD Candidate in Information Systems.

  • Anna Thomas

    Managing Partner

    Anna Thomas

    Anna specialises in Marketing, Media and Commercial analytics with expertise in design and execution of analytical models towards enhanced decision making and business problem solving. Prior to Amplify, Anna built up over 17 years of analytics experience at GE, HP and most recently Philips. Her expertise lies in Marketing and Sales Analytics and she has driven several projects on leading marketing indicators, campaign strategy and digital analytics. She has a MSc in Communications from a leading Business school in India.