How we do it

How large is your team?

We are a team of 41 people, split between the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and India. Our offices are in constant collaboration and communication on projects, and we are strong promoters of the onsite/offsite model. This provides us with the flexibility to use our team efforts and deliver greater results.

What is your company going to provide?

We provide data science solutions and services in the domains of marketing and sales across both B2B and B2C industries. Our expertise includes data science, data analytics, data modelling, data visualization, and machine learning. We tailor each project to our client’s specific needs and infrastructures, ensuring our clients can easily adopt and use our proposed solutions.

While we are experts in the ‘hard skills’ of data science: mathematical and statistical modelling, machine learning, and computer science, our true differentiator is our ability to combine these with the ‘soft skills’ of stakeholder understanding, change management, and process implementation. We ensure that when our sophisticated data science solutions are put into practice within existing sales and marketing teams, the existing teams can both easily utilize the solutions and understand why they should use them. As one of our clients recently said, “you are a true bridge between two quite different worlds.”

What is your added value?

When starting a project, we take the client on a data journey, allowing them to be a part of every project stage, from determining business needs and challenges to data extraction to analysis to deployment and integration. We work as a team with our clients, enabling us to always be on the same page as the project progresses and evolves.

We position ourselves as the end-to-end analytics partner for our clients, as we take complete ownership of the projects. Our capabilities start with our business expertise, understanding the business problems our clients are facing. We begin our work with the data extraction and EDA, where we assess the data quality and set hypotheses. We then continue to the data analysis and project execution, where we build models and solutions tailored specifically to our client’s needs. We then deploy the solutions in our clients’ systems and continuously help them maintain the quality of data processing and insights.

Are you a product company? Do you have a solution?

We don’t offer ready-made solutions dependent on usable data sets. We know that the missing piece is not always a complex machine learning model – often it lies in a new way of data collection or communicating the insights. Or sometimes, quite simply a completely novel approach to the problem!

Our clients value that we suggest the most impactful and efficient solution for their specific need, that fits their existing processes. Every organization is different, as are their data, infrastructure, and ways of working – there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to making decisions based on data. Our solutions encompass not only top-notch data science, but crucially also contain an end to end understanding of the client’s business challenge, environment, stakeholders, technical set up, and team dynamic.

Where will the solution be hosted?

Often, we develop our analytical and technical solutions directly within our clients’ infrastructure and in their available technologies. For clients with less mature infrastructure, we also develop models and analyze data in our environment which is entirely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

How much time does it take for a project to go live?

Every project is different, depending on the resources, available data, complexity, etc. Some projects take 4 months, others can take up to a year. We employ an agile data science approach, where we work in short sprints with regular checkups to ensure a faster and more reliable project execution. The approach also allows us to be more adaptable to new findings/emerging patterns and challenges with the data pipeline.

What is the process behind your solutions?

We start with a workshop to determine the business challenges and data capabilities. The workshop can be held face to face or over a conference call, depending on the client’s preferences. The participants from the client’s side usually include the relevant stakeholders and interested parties, accompanied by a member of a management team and a data scientist from Amplify. By the end of the workshop, we should have an agreed-upon prioritization of your business challenges and a clear understanding of your in-house data potential.

If we agree on a proposed approach to the chosen business challenge, we commence with a Proof Of Concept project – a smaller project to help you understand the impact of data science on business performance. After we have scoped the problem and the solution that we will be building, we proceed to data extraction and exploration.

Following the initial data discovery and transformation, we then proceed to the implementation stage in which we build the client solution – usually either an analytical model or a dashboard insights suite. Throughout the implementation, we will perform continuous data checks and validation to ensure the high quality of the deliverables. Finally, we integrate the solution into our client organisation’s technical environment and provide training to the client’s teams to ensure higher adoption rates and usability.

Sometimes during data exploration, we uncover insights and trends that demand further analysis and a re-prioritisation of work items in the project backlog. In such instances, we offer flexibility and can adapt the project plan to pursue further insights to best fit the client’s needs. We also provide extensive consultancy to our clients and we collaboratively interpret the analytical findings with them, in order to help the team design more actionable strategies and reproduce effective business outcomes.

Who would work on the project?

We provide a combination of business analysts and data scientists to work on your project. Your stakeholders will have the opportunity to constantly communicate with our experts, ask questions, share opinions, and monitor their work. We approach our work as being a part of the client’s internal team. This means we look way past the project execution or technical solution – data science works best when it combines business knowledge, technical skills, and practical experience – all are equally important.

We rely on transparency and crystal clear communication. We bring a fresh perspective in both technical and business domains, allowing us to find new solutions to old problems. Our clients see us as a partner and a part of their own team, trusting us not only because of our sensible decisions and good business judgment but because of our methods they are fully informed and in agreement with our decisions.

Our team is always available to discuss the project and ask questions. We give the client honest opinions on the performed analyses, whether they bring value or not. Our insights are actionable and easy to comprehend. We have a proactive approach, proposing new ways of collecting and working with data. We do not just do what we are told, we assess the data and figure out the best way to use it, resulting in outcomes for our projects that are highly practical and focussed on delivering actionable insights, that will produce the largest impact for the businesses we work with.

What industries do you operate in?

Our core expertise lies in using data to improve marketing and sales decisions. As such, our work focuses on marketing and sales analytical projects that empower the commercial decision-making of both B2C and B2B companies. Our three main verticals are:

High-end retail & premium services – our customers in this sector include one of the world’s leading luxury department stores, as well as a global leader in beauty and personal care products. Other notable customers include world-renowned brands in the home electronics sector and some of the largest providers of bespoke funeral care services in the UK.

Manufacturing & heavy industry – we have worked with a number of large companies in this sector, to help them advance their use of data science in the commercial domain, including a European leader in chemical manufacturing, a Nordic engineering company specialising in heavy equipment, and some of the world’s largest providers of construction materials and services. Our experience also includes working with companies in the energy sector in Europe, as well as providers of defense services.

Healthcare technology & medical technology – our customers in this vertical include hospital and healthcare IT service providers, leading manufacturers of medical equipment, and large pharmaceutical companies operating worldwide.