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Campaign Analytics powered by data science is a process of decoding consumer signals to reveal actionable marketing, media, and membership program insights to optimise reach, power personal relevance, and build long-term consumer connections across paid and owned channels. The data used in the analysis includes member/consumer relevant data such as engagement, offline and online purchase data, demographics, segmentation, CLTV (customer lifetime value), churn probability, and digital activity. The goal is to use all these dimensions to make recommendations on the relevant campaigns at a segment level or even at a member level, tailoring the best targeting groups for each campaign and vice versa to achieve maximum reach and relevance, while optimising the consumer's digital experience.

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Solution Benefits  

Transforming Your Business with Data-Driven Solutions

Digital campaigns analytics will improve quality of leads, conversion rates and increase marketing ROI​:

Optimises marketing spend
Improve marketing teams' efficiency
Increases number of qualified leads
Improves conversion rates

Questions that the solution answers 

Unleashing the Power of Your Data

What are the most important KPIs to track and measure in our digital campaigns?

How do different campaigns’ KPIs correlate to each other?

What are the most effective channels for my digital campaigns?

What is the optimal number of campaigns at a time for ensuring high engagement and increase in demand?

How can we improve conversion rates for our current and target customers?

What is the best content (both text and visual) that will engage more customers over time?

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