DFAST is our Forecasting system which analyses historical data and layers on top both macroeconomic and relevant leading indicators to identify patterns and predict future trends and deviations with accuracy and precision.

This empowers our clients to be proactive rather than reactive when setting goals and strategies. Our solution can help organisations thrive in today's dynamic environment. It offers unparalleled analysis due to the implemented 18+ algorithms that compete simultaniously against each other for individual time series (it can be up to 100+). This way our clients could benefit from a highly customasible and at the same time scalable forecasting based on the highest statistical and econometric standards.


Product Benefits

Be more right more often!

Our solution offers the best of both worlds, providing unparalleled customisation on a variable level while maintaining exceptional scalability:

Scalability: Modelling 100+ time series variables simultaniously
Flexibility: 18+ algorithms compete for each time series
Quick run time and dynamic updates
Holistic view linking external factors

Questions that the product answers 

Unlock the Power of Your Data

What will be the future demand or sales volume for a specific product or service?

How will external factors such as market trends, economic conditions, or competitor actions impact future sales or demand?

What is the optimal inventory level or production capacity needed to meet future demand while minimizing costs and ensuring customer satisfaction?

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We have long-standing experience as business leaders of multinational organisations, globally distributed teams, and company owners. This perspective and experience, combined with deep data science expertise, ensure you get actionable insights usable in real life to improve your business performance and achieve useful outcomes.