Our people are our differentiator. We came from 7 countries: Bulgaria, India, Moldova, South Africa, The Netherlands, Turkey, and USA to work together on improving our clients’ business performance. Each one of us is a unique and talented individual who is here to
develop their professional skills and drive the company further.

We work together, have fun together, and help each other with the challenges we face. Our office dog is a perfect stress relief in the time when even company lunches can’t help. Located at Campus X, we are a part of a great startup and tech ecosystem, where we collaborate with other companies and meet great people every day.

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Business analysts, data scientists, and business development teams discussing the company updates

  • Business Data Analyst

    A self-driven Business Data Analyst who is passionate about creating insights from data and turning them into real business actions.

    We are hiring!

  • Data Scientist

    A self-driven Data Scientist who is passionate about fields such as machine learning and predictive modelling but also software engineering, database management and big data concepts.

    We are hiring!

  • Sales and Marketing Associate

    A “spider in the web” connecting the different parts of Amplify to engage and serve our clients in the best possible way.

    We are hiring!