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Amplify Analytix wins €80K funding for product development

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779790.

Amplify Analytix wins the 2020 Datathon of the European Data Incubator (EDI), receives €80K equity-free funding for product development.

What did we win?

Amplify Analytix’s #WomenInTech team (Laura MurphyAyse Elvan AydemirPlamena Petrova, and Kalina Todorova) has demonstrated business and technical excellence in advanced data science in the 2020 EDI Datathon (October 19-20, 2020).

The prize includes mentoring, workshops, access to a free cloud environment, and the chance to connect with and be recognized by major European organizations, along with the €100k in equity-free funding. The team has moved to the next stage of the EDI’s Challenge – Experiment.

All companies presented their business and technical pitches and were evaluated based on 3 main pillars: Technical, Business, and Team Evaluations. Aspects such as the degree of innovation of the technical solution, the presentation skills and style, and the team experience building startups were reviewed, among many others.

Amplify Analytix all female team wins EDI

Amplify Analytix team participating in the EDI Challenge
(left to right: Laura Murphy, Kalina Todorova, Ayse Elvan Aydemir, Plamena Petrova)

What are the next steps?

The program gives the participants the chance to grow their business as they solve a real-life challenge set by a major European corporate, with the help of up to €80K equity-free funding and a dedicated coach.

Each year of the EDI incubation process is divided into three progressive phases, in which only the best startups pass to the next level: ‘Explore’, ‘Experiment’, ‘Evolve’. Over the next 4 months, Amplify Analytix will collaborate with EDI and partners during the intense “Experiment” phase, in which they will build an MVP and bring it to the market.

The Challenge that Amplify Analytix will be solving through product development is Pattern Recognition Campaign Performance Indicators, set by JOT Internet Media. The approach is to use or design algorithms to solve the problem of enabling media planners to choose search keyword(s) that have an optimal impact on Click-through-rates (CTRs) and Clicks.

About Amplify Analytix

We are a data science company delivering actionable data insights to clients and helping them evolve into data-driven organizations. We deliver tailored solutions, based entirely on the client’s business challenge and existing systems. We focus on sales and marketing analytics for both B2B and B2C sectors, with experience ranging from manufacturing, packaging, and mining, to retail, pharma, and utilities.

Our goal is to empower clients to make the most use of their data. We approach our work as being a part of the client’s internal team. This means we look way past the project execution – we overlook the whole business infrastructure and offer extra analytics help where we see areas of improvement. Data science works best when it combines business knowledge, technical skills, and practical experience – all are equally important.

About European Data Incubator

European Data Incubator (EDI) is an incubation program run by 20 partners across Europe. It gives the most innovative Big Data startups and SMEs the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges set by corporates across Europe, such as improving road safety in Barcelona or predicting fraudulent transactions in supermarkets. The objective of EDI is to facilitate the uptake of Big Data tools whilst increasing the technical and business skills of the selected start-ups/SMEs. The final aim is to give place to sustainable business incubation around Big Data.

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