Amplify Analytix is a company that strives to empower leaders to make better informed and effective decisions with quantifiable, data-driven outcomes. Our multi-skill team uses data science and analytics to deliver insightful information to business leaders looking to take it one step further. By combining mathematical and statistical modelling, computer science, business knowledge and interactive visualizations we set, test and analyse the relevant hypotheses in order to build the tools needed to enhance your business.

We work in an agile way in close interaction loops with our clients, often embedded within their functional teams. We plan our work in short sprints and we communicate constantly with all stakeholders to ensure that our projects are delivered transparently, on time, on budget and up to specifications. We are here to drive the change and amplify the results.


Together we will empower your business by turning data into successful business decisions.

data science

Data Science, Modelling and Visualizations

Data collection, cleaning and preparation, setting and testing hypotheses, analysis as well as building models to correctly extract valuable insights to drive solving challenges and creating opportunities. Translating data into a visually appealing and accessible manner (in graphs, charts, dashboards etc.) and complementing it with key takeaways. We pride ourselves on not only our expertise in data analysis, but also presenting in a user friendly way that is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.
data analytics

Business Analytics and Consulting

Applying our business expertise to the data analysis and modelling process and translating data output to meaningful business insights and recommendations. We like to work as a functional part of the in-house teams of our clients to understand the specific and pressing business challenges and also to identify additional opportunities for improvement. We don’t stop at simply analysing, we also give advice where we see relevant and explore every side of your business for growth opportunities.

Product Development

Building specific models and tools that can be applied to your business as on-going solutions. We develop products that lead to better informed and efficient decision making. We take your data and turn it into your own unique model, that you can keep using with accuracy in a dynamic market. This will give you a step above your competition, and keep you ahead of market trends.